Welcome to the Practice for Thyroid Health in the North of Vienna!

We, as specialists in nuclear medicine, are your competent partners concerning all thyroid issues. Our private practice is spezialised in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid gland diseases.

In our practice we have the on-stop-shop concept: with just one visit all examinations concerning your thyroid can be done. We take blood samples and use blood tests to evaluate your thyroid function and your thyroid auto-antibody levels. Furthermore we perform ultrasound (to visualize the size, morphology and nodules of your thyroid gland). As nuclear medicine physicians we are entitled to perform thyroid scintigraphy if needed (to evaluate the metabolism of your thyroid gland and to detect cold or hot thyroid nodules). If necessary we also use fine needle aspiration biopsy to diagnose thyroid cancer.

In most cases diagnosis can be done within 24 hours and so you get the right treatment as quick as possible. If you need our expertise in diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases, please contact us at +43 1 2641109 or at praxis(at)schilddruesengesundheit-wien.at.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our practice!
Priv.Doz. Dr. Margarida Rodrigues-Radischat & Dr. Günter Linzberger